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Features of housings and bearings:

  • Bearings and housings are compatible in several versions
  • The bearing element can be used as an independent part to support the shaft
  • Due to the diversity of shapes and types, bearings can be mounted in horizontal and vertical positions


  • Bearings are suitable for use in difficult operating conditions due to the possibility of lubrication
  • They substantially reduce costs as it is possible to retain a housing and to replace a bearing only, or to replace only a housing and to retain a bearing

In order to achieve optimal efficiency and establish optimal conditions for operation of housings with bearings, it is necessary to:

  • determine the magnitude and origin of forces acting on a bearing unit,
  • estimate the expected (desired) lifetime of a bearing unit,
  • foresee the running speed of a shaft on which a bearing unit will be mounted to,
  • estimate required parameters of a bearing unit and parallel applications on a shaft,
  • forsee an available place for assembly and disassembly of a bearing unit,
  • check the temperature of a working place where a bearing unit will be mounted,
  • verify the precision of a working machine which a bearing unit will be mounted in,
  • estimate necessary anti-dust protection in the place where a bearing unit will be assembled and
  • provide for the possibility of control and maintenance, incl. lubrication.



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