Spinning into infinity

A wide range of quality items and a team of professionals make Codex your perfect partner for bearings and driving elements.

Three Codex bearings on a grey background

Wide product range

We stock a broad assortment of over 25,000 items of bearings, special bearings, chains, belts, sprockets, retaining rings, glues, sprays and oil seals. Get everything you need in one place.

Codex laboratory for quality control


The constant pursuit of the best price-performance ratio for our customers is the very essence of our company. According to that, we`re constantly monitoring and improving the work of our production facilities through continuous 3-phase product inspection to guarantee stable quality and flawless performance.

Potissimus web shop

Ordering system designed exclusively for you

Our partners can enjoy the benefits of the Potissimus web store we have developed to achieve a unique and pleasant user experience. Place your orders, browse inventory, analyse your purchase and receive special offers.


  • Ordering through Potissimus
  • Free advertising material
  • Technical & sales support in 13 languages
  • Personal support of regional key account manager
  • Free samples
  • Exclusivity in your sales area


  • Presenting the Codex brand
  • Offering support for Codex brand to your customers

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