Spinning into infinity

Created specifically for our partners, Potissimus is a web store where you can place your orders, browse inventory and analyse your purchase.

Convenient and easy to use

Order whenever and wherever you want. Real-time stock information at your fingertips. Mobile and tablet friendly.

Save time & money

Potissimus simplifies and speeds up the ordering process.
Special discounts and gifts for our users.

Analyse your purchase

Real-time access to a multitude of information.

Manage and track your deliveries

Set a reminder for future delivery and track your orders.

Available in 13 languages

Browse, shop and analyse your purchase in one of 11 languages.
Support available in 13 languages.

Become a Potissimus user


If you wish to become a user of the Potissimus online store, you can register here. You will receive an answer to your request in the shortest time possible.