Spinning into infinity

We are committed to achieving the highest quality level as our primary goal in everything we do. Guaranteeing the best quality possible through continuous product testing, careful selection of suppliers and responsive & reliable after-sales service is the very essence of our company.

Bearing testing

Quality is not a coincidence

By using advanced testing and measuring equipment as well as rigorous and effective quality inspection, we can guarantee with full traceability that every single batch of products delivered to you is of the highest quality standard.

We perform a wide range of test and inspection procedures related to the life cycle of our products. Product testing and quality inspections are carried out in our laboratories in both Europe and Shanghai and include, but are not limited to, dimensional, material, physical and functional parameter inspections.

Our strict quality control procedures ensure that Codex products always comply with your requirements and that our products comply with all relevant international standards.

3-phase inspection

Quality assurance begins with the careful selection of our partners and initial parts approval in our laboratory in Slovenia. Every single delivery production batch is inspected during the manufacturing process by our partners and externally in our independent inspection laboratory in Shanghai to meet international standards or customer-specific requirements.

In-house laboratory

In-house laboratory inspection facilities in Europe and Shanghai allow us to be fast, flexible and agile to market and client demands. If you have any specific requirements, you are welcome to assess it together with us.


Implemented and process-oriented management system defines our quality requirements according to ISO 9001:2015. Moreover, we are certified for market-specific requirements like TSE and certified Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) as well.

Office with employees at Codex seat

Responsive and reliable after-sale services

We have striven for more than 27 years to build and maintain long-term relationships with our valuable customers. We are here to accompany you through your challenges and to overcome obstacles together.