Proper lubrication is one of the most important factors that determine bearing performance and bearing life. The lubricant reduces friction and wear, prevents contamination and corrosion, and they serve as cooling element that carries away the heat generated inside the bearing.


Bearings can be lubricated with either grease or oil. Selecting the right lubricant depends on various factors which should be considered in order to avoid machine failures. The following information relates to the bearing without integral seals or shields.


Grease lubrication 

Roughly 9/10 of all bearing are lubricated with grease. The main grease advantage over oil is that it is more easily retained in the bearing. However, lower speeds are possible with greased bearings than with oil lubrication. Where bearings are used at very low speeds and must be well protected against corrosion, it is recommended to fill the bearing housing with grease. Lubricating greases consist of a mineral or synthetic oil combined with a thickener.


The thickeners are usually metallic soaps. To enhance certain properties of the greases different additives can be used. The most important factors to consider when selecting the grease are:

  • viscosity of the base oil,
  • the consistency,
  • operating temperature range, and
  • load-carrying ability.


Different operating conditions require different lubricants, relubrication intervals, and lubricant change intervals. Ask your bearing manufacturer for recommendations on the most suitable type and grade of the lubricant of your bearings.


Codex bearings lubrication

CODEX bearings and bearing units with integral seals and shields are supplied to customer greased. Standard greases used by CODEX have different temperature ranges and other properties to fit the intended application areas and filling grades appropriate to bearing size. Codex sealed bearings are filled standardly with lithium grease (NLGI consistency 2, temp. range from –20 up to +120°C).



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