In order to satisfy modern trends in agricultural equipment demand, such as longer and faster operation with minimised work stops, we developed our own line of AGRI HUB bearings, designed as a durable solution for agricultural machinery which doesn`t require maintenance or service and can be simply replaced after their lifetime. 

Perfect for extreme conditions

Codex 0004 (with 4 attachment holes in the outer ring) and Codex 0012 (with 5 attachment holes in the outer ring) are the perfect solutions for disc harrows that operate in demanding & highly polluted environments.
They are designed with integrated flange and cassette sealing to protect the bearing from the dirt. They are greased and sealed for the life of the bearing.


Tractor speed: up to 20 km/h
Bolt mounting torque: 100 Nm
Nut torque: 290 Nm
Zinc-coated flange surface


Disc diameter up to 610

Agri hub parts

Technical details

Details on dimensions, attachment holes in outer ring, basic load ratings, shaft & techincal drawings from Codex bearings catalogue can be downloaded on the button below.

Why switch to agri hubs?

Multiple service life of the bearing compared to the traditional one

Reduction of assembly and labor cost
Easy mounting and replacement
Great value for money


Are you already familiar with Agri hub line from other manufacturers and are looking for a suitable replacement? The image on the right shows the table on Codex 0004 and Codex 0012 interchanges.

Do you need an advice regarding Codex agri hubs? Contact our experts.

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