Global population growth is increasing the need for food production on all continents. Therefore, the supply chain, and thus the primary producers within it, are constantly under pressure to improve productivity, reduce spoilage, and achieve lower unit prices.  


This forces growers to use more modern technologies and equipment in the production process which brings many changes in agricultural technology and equipment. As productivity and price are constantly being pressured in the industry, along with ever-increasing environmental requirements, users are also increasing their expectations of the equipment they use.


The industry is therefore becoming more and more dependent on minimal maintenance and service intervals and longer service lives of equipment when processing ever-larger working surfaces.  


Problems with classical solutions


Classic solutions for installing rotating parts on agricultural machinery from discrete building blocks (even up to 10 components) have many disadvantages, both for equipment manufacturers and end users. For manufacturers in terms of procurement and assembly of several components with longer assembly times, and for end users in terms of maintenance and service times. Also, the use of mechanization takes place in a very demanding environment (dust, water, mud and other contaminants) and with more and more powerful equipment. 


Bearing this in mind, the Codex Agri HUB bearing solution was thus created by integrating discrete elements into individual combined components of the solution: the integrated flange, the housing and the outer ring of the bearing as one component, and the housing and the inner ring of the bearing as another component. Factory permanent lubrication and cassette sealing to protect internal parts from contamination were also added to the solution.

The main benefits of the new design


The product is thus designed for lifelong use without a special maintenance regimen. As an independent factory pre-assembled component, it is brought to the aid of agricultural machinery manufacturers due to the reduction in the number of components, simpler and faster installation in the production process, and saves the end user time and maintenance costs.


By being factory-assembled, the product consumes lubricants more efficiently, and scraps are reduced due to integrated production. They are perfect solutions for disc harrows and tillers that operate in highly contaminated environments.


Response to existing solutions on the market


At Codex we believe that each application or its element can be further optimised. As a response to already existing solutions on the market, the Codex Agri hub offers improved static and dynamic properties, which are similar to premium brands, and represents a solution with the best price/quality ratio in its price range. 


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