On the initiative of Codex d.o.o. and Avtohiša ​​Škafar, as well as Megras, Pomgrad, Panvita, TKO, Arcont, Group ROTO, GMT, and Medicop, 10 companies of the Prekmurje region donated equipment intended for the maintenance of live functions – a mobile respirator and a mobile defibrillator to the Health Center of Murska Sobota.


The director of the Health Center of Murska Sobota, Edita Sapač Žižek, explained that the provided equipment will be intended to address the needs of patients that needed emergency medical care. The thanked all donating companies in these words:” We are well aware that the times we`re living in, demand additional effort and engagement. No matter the knowledge or lifestyle, the man without suitable help and/or equipment is powerless fighting the illness. Therefore, the donated equipment is beyond value because it can save our lives.” 


Read the whole article here: https://vestnik.si/clanek/aktualno/deset-pomurskih-podjetij-doniralo-zd-murska-sobota-respirator-in-defibrilator-765350