In November 2019, Codex was included in the ASI project (Comprehensive Support for Actively Ageing Workforce) which aims to involve and educate employers, workers, and the general public about demographic challenges, negative stereotypes, and necessary adjustments.



Demographic projections for Slovenia predict longer life expectancy, the reduction of birth rates, and big changes, especially in terms of the share of working and the elderly population.

The ASI project helps companies to adjust to those trends by searching for innovative solutions and supporting the integration of elderly employees.

Therefore, we are actively engaging older employees – we prepared a strategy for managing those issues and we invest more time and assets into employee development, like their competences, and knowledge. Especially, we work together on their personal development, career development, skills, productivity, motivation, and health.


On account of those activities, the company started to implement modern career practices that will empower department leaders to successfully manage those challenges.



The project is implemented under the Public Scholarship, Development, 

Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia (2017 – 2022).